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A2Z Business Training & Mentoring Solution for Business Migrants

 A2Z Business Training & Mentoring Solution for Business Migrants

Global Business Training Oct 03, 2016

Business training, coaching and mentoring is an essential element to support critical business services. Many innovative business and hardworking entrepreneurs have lost their business and passion due to many destabilising factors. Information from Research Paper Series, 2015-16 Migration to Australia: a quick guide to the statistics and various Migration Program report published by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have important statistics and data.


Did you know in 2015-16?

a. India topped the record with an outcome of over 40,000 place

b. Followed by China with over 29,000 places

c. United Kingdom had a drop of 10% with under 19,000 places

d. Closely followed by other Asian & ASEAN countries

e.  Irish Republic & South Africa still continue to rank among the Top 10


While the United Kingdom has been topping the list in the recent past; over the past few years the migration numbers from countries in the Asian & ASEAN have been growing fast.


This increase in permanent migration of people from countries with diverse cultural background has created a need for business training; especially in:


a. Managing Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

b. People & Culture

c. Cultural Integration

d. Business English

e. Market segment based approach for business development


While these entrepreneurs are settling in their new host country (Australia) it is very important that there is an appreciation of intricacies and complexities in undertaking business in a country which is culturally diverse and different to the home country of the entrepreneur. Our research of over 120 clients over the past 5 years has revealed a general lack of understanding and appreciation to address the above issues. Further, many business migrants find themselves adopting a typical approach to Risk, WHS, People and Employment Practices based on their experience from their own home country.

We have noticed there are substantially varying levels of compliance with such requirements among many entrepreneurs both migrant and local business owners.



A2Z Business Training Institute has helped many business owners (both overseas and local) to understand and appreciate the intricate differences and provided training, tools, models, systems and framework to undertake a shift in their paradigm. These pragmatic training can be offered through the accredited & recognised training courses or through short courses to meet various requirements and gaps.



While there are many distinctive benefits and competitive advantages delivered through our training program for business migrants, some of the examples are as follows:


a. One Stop Solution from Start up to Transition

b. Reliable approach to strategy & managing operational risk

c. Pragmatic and effective solution for Workplace Safety & Health

d. Systematic methodology to attract, recruit and performance manage employees

e. Deliver effective outcome to various local standards and code of practices

f. Effective business development through communication

g.Market segmentation strategy for business development

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