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Do your research and get the information before you take the Leap!

Do your research and get the information before you take the Leap!

Global Business Training Sep 26, 2016

A2Z offers training and mentoring at your home country before you arrive here. Based on our experience we can comfortably suggest that our clients have benefited and have been successful in establishing themselves and family here in Australia. Some clients are in a "rush" to get into the country without considering the impact on:


a. Pressure on family and primary applicant

b. Financial impact in starting a business and waiting to make the sale or generate revenue

c. Establishing contacts and supply chain

d. Identifying suitable markets and segments to fit your competitive strength

e. Start a business with a model that may give short term benefit but may cost in the medium term through risk exposure


We will work with your migration agents, find suitable accountants and other professionals to fit your business model. Business is all about strategy and market; not just accounting or taxation. Our approach to business development is based on "strategic market segmentation with an understanding of risk and return"


Some interesting statistics and information should you consider this Business Migration Pathway:

a. Migration Program Report 2015-16

b. Migration to Australia: a quick guide to the statistics

Should you require any help or assistance; send us an email on 

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