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Frequently Asked Question

What is an RTO?

 RTO is a Registered Training Organisation delivering Vocational Education and Training (VET). The focus is on pragmatic application of skills and knowledge. All recognised courses are approved by relevant standards of the Australian Government and specified by Australian Qualifications Framework, known as AQF.

RTOs could be managed privately or by state training providers and all are RTOs operate under a state or national regulatory body (government body). RTOs undergo a rigorous process to get their registration, maintain ongoing professional development and operate under prescribed quality regime.

Why choose A2Z for my training?

 A2Z is a private RTO specialising in Business Courses. Our programs are unique as they are specifically designed to suit a range of clientele.Our trainers are entrepreneurs and business owners with extensive pragmatic experience in operating successful business. Hence our training can be specially designed to suit your unique needs,business model and requirements.

What if my business is finding it tough in a highly competitive market?

 This is one of the many reasons why our clients undertake the business solution training with us. While there are many business competing in a common market place, what distinguishes you and your business is your “Unique Value Proposition”. That is what we offer. Our training and assessmentprocess is pragmatic; hence demonstrable and applicable through your own business process.

So, get your business and career pathway started with the right foundation.

What if my team and I have mixed needs to meet personal situations?

 We have helped many business owners and continue to develop entrepreneurs and successful teams through many pathway options available to you. We offer a range of options certain to meet your needs:

  •  Self-study
  •  Individual and Group Training
  •  Mentoring
  •  Recognition of Prior learning (RPL)
  •  Hybrid version of all of the above

What if I am busy and don’t have the time during business hours?

Like anything in life you need to “invest now for tomorrow”.

We have multiple delivery methodology to suit your requirements and committed to finding ways to meet your needs:

  • Online &cloud based system
  • Video conferencing platforms
  • Face-to-face
  • We come to you
  •  Meet after-hours 

Do I have to follow the qualification pathway?

 It is entirely up to you how you choose to acquire the knowledge and apply. While some clients prefer the qualification pathway which is a recognised accredited program and utilise this methodology to gain knowledge and certificate some opt for the mentoring and not focussed on attaining the qualification as such.

Some clients prefer short courses to address specific immediate needs & gaps; the decision is yours. Should you require non-accredited course, accredited program, full qualifications or short course; we have the right solution for your development needs.

How do I benefit from these training?

 When you start your enrolment with A2Z we believe that you are on the pathway to change “status quo”. It is great that you recognise that there is something extra you need to be competitive and effective. This is often a hard position to many entrepreneurs and business owners.

The next challenge is to understand “what you don’t know” – “The gap”.

Our gap analysis tool will identify your strength, market positioning and evaluate the potential to address specific needs. You as a client is in control from start to finish. You decide where you want to be and what you need and we facilitate your development.

The pathway to succeed opens up with our facilitation and your situational awareness.

What about disability support?

Our approach is different; everyone has certain factors that is impeding their growth potential. Our description of disability support goes beyond the conventional norm. Everyone has a need for support; while some have physical impedance the others have inhibitions due through socio-cultural, personality and fear etc. Whatever the case maybewe encourage you to communicate with us so that we can explore avenues to support your needs.

We believe in creating the best possible opportunity to facilitate your development.

What are the fees and when do I have to pay?

We are focused in finding and providing the right solution for you. We provide a cooling-off period. It is also a requirement that individual clients are not required to pre-pay over $1,500 at any given time. A detailed payment plan on a progressive basis is discussed at enrolment to ensure you are comfortable with the process. You can also discuss multiple payment options that may suit your needs.Clients have the right to decide the best method of delivery option to suit individual needs. Hence you as the client is empowered to make the decision to suit your needs and select from a range of pathways to suit your requirements.


How could this benefit my team and I?
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