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Our Training at Workplace program is very successful. This program was initiated for owners, managers and employees in the SME sector. However, the success of this program continued to evolve and we rollout this program to larger organisations. The pivoting factor is in having the access to experienced trainers and facilitators who are qualified, have significant experience and continue to undertake professional development in the field.

Participants have the opportunity for follow up & communication with facilitators for 30-days after the workshop and have the opportunity to put the techniques into practice.


Benefits of this Program

Training your staff at Workplace is good for your business and employees:

  • Good for your Business - training can improve business performance, profit and staff morale 

  • Changing Operational Needs - you know the competitive environment better than anyone; so you can choose what new skills your personnel need, targeting skills to meet the needs of your operation for now and in the future

  • Meet Customer Demands - training your staff in responding to customer query, negotiation in high pressure for sales environment to maximise profit can be challenging

  • Keep up with Changes - Legislative Changes including WHS and Consumer matters change and evolve as the paradigm shifts. Hence you need to ensure your team is ready and able to move ahead with changes.

  • Combat Competitive Forces – In a growing competitive world with domestic and globalization we can’t afford complacency. 

  • It is all about Retention – Time is money; can you afford to lose valuable employees due to additional workload or pressure. Upskilling them to improve confidence, capability and loyalty is paramount. 

  • Disruptive technology & Innovation – Considering we are surrounded by new and disruptive new business models; can you afford not to?

Engaging employees in the process of discussing business demands, competition, expected skills, gaps, training plan and retention strategy can help your staff morale and profitability. 


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."


The Solution:  

We understand business challenges and we understand people. You know your business and you are successful in what you do; You want to develop a sustainable business model to withstand and outshineyour competition. 


We will undertake a rigorous Gap Analysis and Business Health Check to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, ascertain strength and future targeted market positioning of your business or brand.


A2Z has a dedicated pool of consultants who are industry, academic and business leaders; our panel also includes successful entrepreneurs who are experienced in training, assessing, coaching and mentoring. 

Track Record:

We have mentored over 150 clients from various business background, industries and size. We have the expertise in a wider market segment and continue to create value to our clients through training and consultancy.

Examples of some programs include:

  • Pricing Master Class & Matrix to improve Contribution Value

  • Value Added Selling

  • Revamping your Value Proposition

  • Operational Effectiveness through “Six Sigma”

  • Streamlining Supply Chain Solution

  • Flexible manufacturing Systems and Efficiency

  • 360 Review & Performance Management  


“We are your strategic business transformation partner”



While our qualification and short courses build competency and capability through training individuals, team and management; this program works at a holistic level incorporating futuristic perspective and technology. 

The strategy is to look at track record, past predictable factors and industry features to work on future proofing strategy. 

Some examples:

We all know some of the old techniques and models however; there is much to be gained by fine tuning or adopting future proofing in certain strategy models to spur growth in individuals, team and business.

  • Most people are aware of SWOT; have you adopted the Hybrid SWOT to your advantage

  • Relevance of BGC and Porter’s Five Forces Model in the new era

  • After a rigorous measuring and monitoring IQ what about using EQ

  • Consider Bradley Curve Model to engage workforce rather than alienating them to improve your Workplace Health & Safety

  • Are you tired of customer service model and charters…? Have you considered an approach demonstrating your Deep sense of curiosity, empathy and commitment to map the value chain?

  • Rather than cutting cost in critical areas and hamper service and business growth why not consider a Six Sigma Strategy and develop your Value Proposition accordingly.

  • How many of you rely on manual delivery and dispatch planning? Have you considered a Transport Management System (TMS)?

  • Do you manage suppliers effectively? Do you see the value in “Supply Chain Partnership Solution” instead?


The list of benefits in adopting such features to future proof your business and training your staff can be explored through our consultants; for a comprehensive solution send us your enquiry and contact details.


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